Wednesday, June 30, 2010

U.S. Air Force abuse using electromagnetic radiation poisoning on American civilians

A "targeted individual" has been placed on the U.S. federal governments extermination list and finds themself in a maze of psychological terrorism and even physical torture tactics. A targeted individual can be placed on this extermination list for a variety of reasons, not limited to anti-war activities, politcial views contrary to the establishment, support of gay rights, pro animal rights, illegal drug use, basically anyone whom those holding positions of power in the military and intelligence community perceive as a nuisance. A targeted individual is placed in this maze of psychological & physical terrorism tactics meant to destroy every aspect of a targets life. If the perpetrators are not satisified with the destruction they cause an individual through their psychological terrorism, which include "Organized Stalking" and other forms of constant invasion of privacy, a new and more deadly terrorism tool is deployed. The directed overexposure to continuous doses of electromagnetic radiation poisoning. In the initial stages acting as a torture mechanism with physical discomfort and symptoms which closely resemble high stress or panic. Over an extended period of time this constant poisoning kills the target through various physiological ailments including cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. A targeted individual will receive no assistance from local police or federal law enforcement. And most likely will be institutionalized for complaining of their unfortunate new reality. The U.S. Air Force participates in the electromagnetic radiation posioning which includes the slow torture and murder of American civilians. The electromagnetic radiation poisoning may also be done by law enforcement agents, active military or government contractors. Their actions are approved and allowed to continue by the highest levels of the U.S. military and law enforcement. A clear violation of human rights, the Geneva Convention, basic civil and constitutional rights, the perpetrators will use their psychological warfare tactics to discredit a target and make a targeted individual appear to have some form of mental illness which acts as a buffer to allow this horrific abuse by the U.S. Air Force to continue unchallenged.

Most targeted individuals will find themselves isolated as the details of their experiences sound so fantastical and absurd to the average American they will certainly be labeled as paranoid for simply discussing their unfortunate circumstances. The U.S. government which publicly claims to be against torture and acts as a poster child for human rights worldwide is allowing its military (U.S. Air Force), law enforcement and intelligence agents to torture and terrorize an untold number of American civilians through the directed and continuous overexposure to deadly, silent and invisible electromagnetic radiation. This is undoubtedly a more horrific abuse of power and violation of human rights by the U.S. Air Force than any of the pictures from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The only difference is these acts are not committed by low level grunt soldiers with a dog leash and Kodak camera. This electromagnetic poisoning and crimes against humanity are sanctioned and approved by the highest level of the U.S. military, intelligence and law enforcement communities. The silent poisoning by invisible electromagnetic radiation by the U.S. Air Force and their rogue contractors being committed under the farce of National Security. The CIA and their tactics of torture have made their way to domestic soil. U.S. Air Force abuse by electromagnetic radiation poisoning allow these government sanctioned murderers to torture and terrorize with little or no evidence of their crimes.

For more information about the ongoing abuse of power being perpetrated by the U.S. Air Force through electromagnetic radiation poisoning against U.S. civilians on domestic soil, please visit online

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